Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Frodingham Infant School is passionate about enabling all children to reach their full potential.  Our community ethos promotes lifelong learning through celebrating strengths, developing a positive mindset and ensuring inclusion for all.

Vision Statement

To enable each and every child to succeed, we strive to provide:

  • A safe, stimulating and nurturing environment
  • Access to creative, independent and individualised learning
  • A team of professionals who are dedicated to developing self esteem whilst drawing on individual talents and providing a positive role model
  • An opportunity to strengthen all relationships routed in mutual respect and effective communication, whilst maintaining our open door policy


At Frodingham Infant School we value:

  • High standards of behaviour
  • Effort as well as achievement in all aspects of school life
  • Individuality, diversity and strengths
  • Our caring and welcoming environment
  • The wider community
  • Our creative curriculum

Believe, enjoy, succeed