Parent Comments

We always value the feedback from parents.  Here are just some of the things parents have to say about our school.

We enjoying bringing our children to school because...

Maxwell, Rocco and Rubie's Nanny

The minute they get there every morning they are greeted by the door with at least 2 members of staff smiling and wishing them a good morning.  The school involves us as parents / grandparents to every event and we are informed of the childrens progress.  The school is very well organised and the building is kept clean and tidy at all times.  The staff are welcoming and friendly and nothing is to much trouble.  Maxwell, Rocco and Rubie love, love, love Frodingham infants and have learnt lots since attending.  The events at Frodingham are superb, harvest festival Nativity's Year 2 wedding and Victorian week to name just a few.  The effort and hard work put in by the staff and children is fantastic.  The school is an absolutly wonderful place and I enjoy taking the children there everyday.

Cassie's Mum

It is a great environment, the teachers are excellent and such a wonderful school.  I would recomend to everyone.

Maisie's Mum

She loves to play with her friends and enjoys doing her work and learning new things.  She especially loves her teachers.

Elloise's Mum

Most of all Elloise enjoys being at school.  The teachers are really good and have time for all the children in class.  She has made lots of lovely friends.

Abigail's Mum

She loves playing with her friends she loves her work in the classroom and enjoys learning new things and she likes her teachers very much.

Aaron and Mason's Mum

It is a excellent school my kids have come along a lot better with their reading etc.  Aaron is so proud to be part of the school and enjoys it everyday.  I cannot choose another school that has the support and education like this school has.

Abi's Nan

She has allways talked about her school and how much she can talk to anyone of the staff and knows they are full of support, kindness which is good for children and it is a pleasure to see the happy friendly staff at all times.

Scarlett's Mum

She loves to learn and is thriving in year one.

Gustas and Ema's Mum

They learn everyday.  They like it because there are such nice teachers, they get to make friends.

Pippa's Parents

We feel welcomed in the morning, there is lots for Pippa to do and we like the 'class events' and special assemblies (Harvest, maths workshop)

Lyndon's Mum

He loves to learn and since being at Frodingham he has flurished in himself.  he talk's highly of the teachers, seeing the change in him is brilliant.

Porcha's Parents

She enjoys going she has made lots of friends and we can see how far she has come along so far since she has being attending.

Olly's Mum

He really enjoys it.  As a parent I find the teachers friendly and helpful.  I feel that if I ever had a issue I could pop in and discuss it with them.

Callum's Mum and Dad

He is proggresing an awful lot and he's such an outgoing boy hes making some lovely friends!  Also very greatful to his teachers for the things they do.

Jaydan's Parents

He enjoys seeing his friends and playing with them at break time.  He also enjoys been creative and reading.  We enjoy hearing him read, he's come on lots in the last year.


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