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Happy. Birhtday. Frodingham

From. Daniel 


    18 Jul 2015 01:06:33 AM 

Naj Modak (Najmul Modak) Approximately 1981-1984

It was wonderfull to visit the school after 31 years. Although I regularly walk past the school, walking inside was like stepping inside those wonderful childhood memories. Although some of the furniture & layout has changed, so much has remained the same as if time stood still. To name a few, my coat hook is still on the wall, the lollipop crossing patrol stick still sits behind the door, the eery loft door is still there, the climbing frame has moved walls but is still looking the same, the curtaiins in the hall, the songs & so much more yet today the children have Ipads which didn't exist even when I went to University. I stood where my desk was in Mrs Abbot's class, the TV/Toy room where I got sent for finishing my work early, Mrs Parkes room where I got a sweet & a star for being good! And then....WOW.... Mrs Fisher was there....!!!!!!!!!! Over 31 years ago when she retired & Mrs Meadows took over we went to the Winterton Show. We stopped at Mrs Fisher's Farm to say hello & she brought her goat upstairs on the double decker bus. Would I have dreamt of seeing her over 31 years later. And then my favourite teacher ever, Mrs Parkes was there, still the same, still as lovely & I never knew we live near each other!

Whilst there is so much to say about my overwhelming visit I will say thank you for inviting us back, best wishes for another 150 years & I shall leave you with a slightly humourous story:

During sports day at the school I was in the lead in the sack race & about to win, which until now my only sporting event as far as I remember. My family were cheering & then I looked behind & saw Carl Crabtree in 2nd place with his foot on the floor through a hole in the sack. With almost a run he sneaked past me just before the finish line & cheated me out of my only victory. I think Frodingham Infants should hold a rematch!

    16 Jul 2015 08:09:44 PM 

Patricia Kilmore (nee Such)

I have loved seeing these photos well done staff and pupils and parents! I went here from 1957/59ish! Mrs Rolf was my teacher, my sister now works there Mrs Smith and my mother taught at the school for a short time Mrs Margaret Such. When I was there we lived on Rowland road number 131!

    16 Jul 2015 12:15:21 AM 

My name was June Wilson I believe I attended the school in 1967 68 till 1971  

I  loved the school though i did run off home a few times, we lived on Lindsey street so used to walk with my wheelchair  i used to love  going there now i'm 51 and into Family History  and have written about my old  school , thank you for giving me fantastic memories and i hope everyone enjoys it there now .

    12 Jul 2015 07:29:20 PM 

terry silcock 1945-1948

my best memory was the coke boiler in the corner of the classroom i think it was mrs rolf my teacher

    14 Jun 2015 07:09:33 PM 

Amanda Drane (nee Sergeant) 1973-1976 (i think)

I remember having to catch a bus to school every morning on my own. I think one of my teachers was Mrs Clayton, dark brown hair and very smiley. However the teacher I remember most was Miss Ellis (headteacher) who then got married to become Mrs Fishee - she was just so lovely. I recall us going on a day trip (can't remember where) but I remember us stopping at her house to see her goats! She loved animals as we had rabbits in school. The famous log was the highlight of our playtimes - it was everything; a seat; a train; a bus whatever we decided. We used to have milk monitors who gave out the bottles of milk each day and lunch monitors to clear away our plates. It was a happy place and fond memories.

    24 Mar 2015 01:36:17 PM 

Paul Stebbing, 1981-1985

I started at the Nursery section of Frodingham Infants, along with my twin brother Robert, back in 1981 when I was three years old. The Nursery section had a central area with a piano and a long corridor which led to classrooms at each end. My first teacher was Mrs Askew who played the piano and I still have the photos from the nativity play that we performed there with her. I was one of the kings. I remember Mrs Askew leaving shortly afterwards, going on to teach at Gurnell Street School. My next teacher at the nursery was Miss Vickers from Gainsborough. She was a lovely lady and I recall her getting married and becoming Mrs Darn during my time there. I can remember the story times we used to have with her, the tiny bottles of milk that we’re delivered to us, and the little pegs on which we used to hang our coats! Mrs James was the other teacher in the nursery section and we often had afternoons when we could go between the two classrooms, depending on which toys we wanted to play with. In addition to the teachers, there were also classroom assistants – Mrs Perkins was one that springs to mind. Mrs Fisher was the headmistress back in those early days and I remember her taking us to visit the Winterton Agricultural Show by bus one year. That’s one of my earliest memories and must have therefore been about 1981.

In 1983, I transferred to the main school and into Class 4, where the legendary Mrs Parkes was my teacher, in a classroom next to the main hall. She was like everybody’s grandmother and good work was rewarded with a jelly baby! Everybody got their heads down and worked through their sums in the hope of a reward. By this time, Mrs Fisher had retired and Mrs Sheila Meadows had arrived as the new headmistress. She was a great figurehead for the school – strict when she needed to be, but generally a very nice lady.

In 1984, after a year with Mrs Parkes, I went into Class 2, with Sylvia Roberts as teacher. Our classroom was on the west side of the main building, alongside Mrs Abbott’s classroom. Mrs Parkes retired about this time and I can remember the whole school signing her her favourite hymn on her last day: Peace Perfect Peace.

Certain other things about my time at Frodingham seem to stick in my mind. One was the visit by the then Mayor Councillor Brenda Kirk. My brother and I were photographed with her to mark the unveiling of a plaque.  I also remember being in the school choir and we performed a couple of songs at the Plowright (then Civic) Theatre. I had to step forward and introduce the song ‘My Grandfather’s clock.’ I also remember the playground well – the large log in the centre, and the gaps in the fences at the end, through which we would watch for trains passing by. I can also remember sports days in the field between the main school and nursery section – the same field where the Maypole was annually erected. I also remember the canteen which stood behind the field, and the pink custard that we used to have with desserts!

I left Frodingham in the Summer of 1985 to start at Brumby Juniors in the September. Frodingham Infants suffered a very bad fire a couple of years after I left. I remember going past and wondering how on earth the school would recover from it, but it did! My only visit back came in the early 1990s when I was at Brumby Comprehensive. We were invited back to work on a project which involved us writing short personalised stories for the pupils. I was delighted that Mrs Meadows immediately remembered me and she brought out the 1980s admission register to show us all our entries. I remember the hall seeming so small in comparison to when I’d left at the age of 7.

Frodingham Infants was part of my family for three generations. My Grandad Ken Stebbing (1920-1984) attended in the 1920s and my dad Brian Stebbing (1947-) in the early 1950s. Happy memories!

    21 Mar 2015 06:34:30 PM 

Katrina Copson  1974-1977

I can remember the large log in the playground, I tried jumping over it and was unsuccessful and split my head open. I also remember in my last year there, in my classroom my teacher had a doll that we could dress up, and I had had an operation on my toes and wasn't allowed out at playtime, I was allowed a friend to stay with me & i choose Julie Busby and we played with this ragdoll dressing it up every day, as it had lots of costumes. The teachers were lovely from nursery all the way through to yr 2. The head was Mrs Fisher she was a fantastic head. I was gutted when I had to leave the school to go to Juniors. I have some very food memories of my time here and would like to thank each & and every one of the teachers for giving me a fantastic start in life

    21 Mar 2015 09:10:46 AM 

Charlotte catley 1968 _1971

I remember my first day at frodingham there were name cards written on pink card paper with a safety pin attached to the back and I had to find my name and pin it to my cardigan then I chose a puzzle and I remember it being a bright red Fireengine I remember collecting the bus tickets from the classrooms in a box and helping to give out the milk in little bottles with straws in I also remember going outside into a courtyard and stenciling fossils that were in the wall. I recognise a name I think was a teacher Mrs melhuish not sure if there was or if I have spelt it correctly and lastly I remember the log in the playground, and lastly I remember a Christmas concert when I played a fairy happy days they were.

    20 Mar 2015 08:59:33 PM 

Mrs Milburn attended 1980-1984

I remember playing in the home corner in nursery. I loved the play food that my teacher had made from salt dough (I even remember trying to take a bite out of it!)

I remember being the angel Gabrielle in the christmas nativity play when i was in year 1. I remember that my words were written on dark blue card and we were recorded by the radio! I was in the choir, and we won a certificate at the music festival. I also remember learning to play the recorder. I entered the music festival with my friend, who was called Fiona Hatton, and we got a certificate. I'm sure the song we played was called 'Frivolity'.

My teacher in year 1 was called Mrs Roberts and I was in the classroom that Miss Ogle has currently. In year 2, my teacher was Mrs Abbott, and my classroom was room 2!  Miss Lancaster's classroom was the t.v. room, and we often sat in there and had a drink of milk from a small glass milkbottle with a blue and white stripy straw.

    19 Mar 2015 04:19:16 PM 

Graham Wall 1960-1962

I have very happy memories of this school. My education started at Ashby Infants and I transferred when we moved house. Miss Alison was the Head Teacher and I was taught by Mrs Trevor and then by Mrs Warley. I recall a Mrs Towse, a Mrs Jackson and a Mrs Rolf. the Caretaker was Mr Kirk. Separate playgrounds for boys and girls, outside, uncovered toilets. As a special dispensation, in hot weather we were allowed to play on the grass by the canteen. The assembly hall still had curtains made from world war 2 blackout material. I remember the school being closed one harsh winters day when the pipes froze. Happy days!

    19 Mar 2015 04:12:41 PM 

Sylvia Priest (Nee Hudomiet)

Attended circa 1959 - 1963  (I think - no good with dates)

I remember being in the Nursery and the main School.    I can recall being sat on the desk at Christmas in a pretty yellow dress with ribbon waiting for the christmas treat, and having a nap each afternoon too.

There was uproar one lunchtime in the main canteen when my water appeared to have developed a cloudy appearance.  Everyone was rushing around about it until the person next to me (no idea who after all this time) let slip I had been spitting my custard into my glass.  Yes, I had!  I wanted to see what would happen.  School dinners were lovely though.  I still enjoy 'school cabbage'.

There were two separate playgrounds - boys and girls were not allowed to mix, and at that time outside toilets too.

We travelled on the bus every day, alone, and had to give our bus tickets in as we left the bus and they were returned for the journey home. Imagine 5 and 6 year olds being sent on the bus alone these days!

I realise times move on, and our aspirations grow bigger as each year passes and great advances in technology mean greater opportunites perhaps, but the simple pleasures of playtime with friends and toy time on a Friday were great fun.