Things to Do

We all have things we need to keep practising.  Have a look at some of these pages and work on your basic skills...and have lots of fun at the same time!

Fun games...

Click on the fun stuff picture to play lots of fun games.

More fun games...

Get your thinking caps on and solve these puzzles.  Click on the boy.


Use your login and password to read lots of exciting and interesting books.  Click the bug picture.

Phonics games

Click on the egg to play a dinosaur egg game that will help you read and spell words.


Try reading these silly sentences and answer yes or no.  Click the dinosaur.


Try some of the different games here.  Click on the computer picture.

Maths games

Click on the 123 for number games.

English games

Click on the ABC for English games.


Click on the shapes to play the Furbles game...