Home schooling while school is closed

Here at Frodingham, we want to do everything we can to support our children and their families during this difficult time.  The most important thing you can do is to STAY SAFE and STAY HOME.

We aim to upload some activities and things to do each week, so that parents and children do not feel overwhelmed by a mountain of work.  We understand 'home school' is not the same as school and as such, parents do not need to pile more pressure on themselves at an already stressful time.

Remember our other platforms which are available - Tapestry for nursery and reception and the facebook page.

Keep in touch via either of these methods and find links and more for things to do here.

Week 1

Mindfulness yoga

If you or your little ones need a calming activity, try these yoga stories.  There are lots to choose from, but favourites in school were minecraft and the gruffalo!

Click the picture above.

Learning through songs

One of our favourite activities at school is singing what we are learning.  Try to learn your multiplication facts here.  Year 1 - 2, 5 and 10.  Year 2 - 2, 3, 5 and 10.  There's lots of other songs here to try too, so you can remember those key facts and basic skills.

Click the picture.

Drawing people

One of the hardest skills to master is drawing people.  At school, children find it really hard to draw proper figures and to move away from stick men.  Here is a really easy tutorial on how to draw people, so why not try and draw a family portrait while everyone is stuck at home!  You can send your masterpieces into the facebook page where we can publish them for everyone to see.

Click on the picture.

Australian animals

If you were enjoying our topic on Australia, why not watch this documentary about weird animals!  If you listen carefully, you could learn some facts and then draw a picture of one of the animals and label it with top facts.

Click the picture.

Topic facts

Enjoying learning about the  continentsof the world, by singing this song.  The children have loved singing it in school...but be warned....it is really catchy and you will find yourself singing it too!

Oceans of the world

More topic fun!  SIng the song and learn the geography facts.

Maths with parents

If you want to keep practising maths basic skills with your child, this website has some great activities all set to the right level.  All you need to do is click the picture above, then select 'school closure' and 'my school is not using maths with parents'.  Then you can sign up for an account for free.  You can add as many children as you need to and their year group.  Keep working through activities and collecting trophies!


Phonics is something your children will be able to teach you about!  On this website, there are videos and activities to do, practising all the graphemes and phonemes taught so far.  Children in reception should be looking at phase 3 and 4, those in year one should be looking at phase 5 and children in year 2 children can recap and of the spellings they are unsure of.

This site is usually subject to a fee, but they have made it free during this time.  Make sure you use the app version for on a phone or tablet.