Class 3

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Miss Carter and your Early Years Practitioners are Miss Holmes and Mrs Spark.


We had a wonderful time on July 2nd when everyone gathered together and enjoyed our family picnic afternoon. We had music, games and lots of food. It was a fantastic afternoon with parents and carers agreeing that it would have been nice to go on longer!!


We had a fantastic time in PE doing gymnastics. We got lots of equipment out and experimented with different ways of moving. 

Gummy Bear Experiment

As part of our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears we decided to do an experiment. We were going to see what happened to Gummy Bears when they were left without water, when they were put in water and when they were put in salt water. We made our predictions:

Some thought they would melt,

Some thought they would go crunchy,

Some thought bubbles would come out, 

Some thought they would go hard,

Some thought they would turn the water green,

One person predicted they would grow!

We prepared the experiment....

One cup with just gummy bears, one cup with just gummy bears and water and one cup with gummy bears and salt water and we left them over night.


What do you think happened?

The gummy bears without water stayed the same, the gummy bears in salt water grew and the gummy bears in plain water had grown too! 

The plain water gummy bears had grown the most! We were very surprised!


Behaviour award lunch time table

Here are the pictures of us enjoying our dinner on the behaviour award lunchtime table.


Class 3 are pleased to announce that on Friday 12th January we won the behaviour award for the third time with a total of 39 points. We are very excited as this means we get to sit at the winners table for dinner on Monday.

more pictures to follow...

Making Porridge

We discovered our visitor was Goldilocks who had gone to sleep after eating lots of porridge. We decided to make some porridge and give it a try. We needed:

a bowl

a spoon

porridge oats


a microwave

We followed these instructions: 

1. Put the porridge into the bowl

2. Add the milk

3. Stir the porridge and the milk

4. Put it in the microwave

5. Heat it up

6. Eat it!

We added different toppings to the porridge. We chose either jam, honey, fruit, sugar or chocolate chips.

Some of us really enjoyed eating the porridge and some of us were not sure. Look at the photographs carefully... can you guess who didnt like it?

Oh Dear!

We arrived at school this morning and discovered we've had a visitor. We found a broken chair, some porridge, three bowls and three spoons and someone ASLEEP in bed!

Who could it be?

Use the clues and work out which story they are from!


Welcome back!



Tuesday 19th December

Reception took part in a special christingle service.

We learnt what each part of the christingle stood for, sang some songs and watched as the candles were lit.

Can you remember what the orange represents?

What about the red ribbon?

What do the cocktail sticks and sweets stand for?

Can you remember what the candle symbolises?


Final Elf Update!

We arrived in school on Friday 15th December to find the elves had done something nice for us all...they had planted candy cane seeds and were growing us all a candy cane. They wrote and told us that they would look after them all weekend and if we were good then magic would happen and on Monday we would find the seeds had grown.

Were we good enough?

Yes we were. Sure enough on Monday 18th December we were excited to find a whole field of candy canes!

On Tuesday 19th December Elvis got up to one last piece of mischief... he went zip lining using one of the candy canes. WEEEEEEEE!

We were sad to say goodbye to Elvis but we received a letter from Santa saying he needed him back to help with the christmas rush on the toy line.

"Will he be back next year?" asked class 3

We'll have to wait and see.


The COLD weather has arrived.

Please make sure that you have a nice warm coat, wellies or boots, a hat, scarf and gloves.

REMEMBER reception play outside in ALL weathers and while we do have some wellies, hats and gloves we don't have enough for everyone!


It seems that Elvis has continued to be a mischief...

On Friday 8th we received a letter from Santa saying he had seen Santa cam footage of Elvis climbing the Christmas tree which he had sent for us to watch and sure enough there was the CCTV Santa cam footage on Miss Carter's ipad.

Over the weekend Elvis and friends decided to have a motor race using several different vehicles, When discovered on Monday 11th Elvis was in the lead.

On Tuesday he wrapped the whiteboard and added a nice bow.

On Wednesday 13th he rewrote a song for us

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better be good

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when your sleeping

He knows when your awake

Class 3 have been very BAD not good

So miss them out for goodness sake!

The next day Thursday 14th he put the whole class on the NAUGHTY!!!!! list.


On Thursday 7th December we went to Normanby Hall. We followed the trail of elves until we found SANTA. We all told him what we would like for christmas and he said he would see what he could do. We then went on a hunt for his sleigh but despite extensive searching we could not find it. After a ride on the Santa express we saw some of his reindeer. Can you see a red nose anywhere?

Elf on a Shelf

On Friday 1st December Class 3 got a special delivery....An Elf. Some of the children recognised him....ELVIS. However we soon discovered he had actually arrived the night before and had already been up to mischief... on the photocopier. As a class we decided to let him stay and officially adopted him. We completed the paper work and he was ours.

Over the weekend Elvis had managed to get himself stuck in the elf door and we found him on Monday 4th and had to leave hime there.

On Tuesday we discovered that he had not been very kind to Frodingham Bear.

On Wednesday 6th Frodingham Bear had got his own back by trapping Elvis in a cage!

On Thursday 7th he had been released and had used Miss Carter's ipad to take Elfie Selfies...



With tinsel and presents and a bag full of stars to decorate the tree... 

Following on from the story we have been reading 'A Bag Full Of Stars' by Addy Farmer we took our own stars and decorated the Christmas tree.

BEHAVIOUR AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could we do it again?

This was the question we asked after winning the behaviour award for the first time...

the answer is YES!!!!!!! 

For the second week running Class 3 won with 54 points.


Outside in all weathers!!!

In Reception we have fun learning inside and outside... whatever the weather. 

As the weather is changing we are still having fun learning in our outdoor area.


It was announced in assembly on Monday 20th November 2017 that a new award was being introduced in school.


Everyone in each class will need to work together to earn points. Points will be collected each lunch time in and out of the canteen for things such as manners, helpfulness, politeness and kindness. At the end of the week all the points will be added together and the class with the most points will win the trophy. The children were very excited about this and determined to win. As Jacob.W said

"We've just got to do it!!!!"

Lunchtimes came and went with the children in Class 3 trying very hard. Each day we checked the score boards and worked hard to add points....and then it was Friday.  

"It's got to be us" said Class 3

Finally it was announcement time... with fingers crossed we waited as each class had their score read out until only 2 classes were left. Would it be us?

We are pleased to say IT WAS!  With a massive 77 points Class 3 were the proud winners of the very first behaviour award.

We got the trophy and on Monday 27th November we had a special table to sit at in the canteen.

The points have been reset. 

Can we do it again?


This term we are going to be learning all about space and trying to find the answers to these and more questions...

How many planets can you name?

What do you know about gravity?

How do you get to space?

How do you wash your hair in space?

Can you make a sandwich in space?

Are aliens real?


We had two visitors from the Police today (October 19th). A Police Officer and a PCSO. They showed us the police car and we turned on the lights and was very LOUD!!!!!


The officer showed us all the different equipment he uses in his job. We had a look at his vest, his handcuffs, his nightstick and we even tried on his helmet!



We have had a wonderful time this half term in Class 3. We have made lots of new friends and tried lots of new activities. These pictures show some of the wonderful things we have done.