Class 4

Welcome to our class!

Your teachers are Miss Sanderson and Mrs Palmer-Powell and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mann.

Victorian Day in Class 4

We had a great time in Class 4 on Tuesday as we took part in a special Victorian Scool Day. The children looked fabulous in their costumes, well done everyone!  They all behaved dreadfully and had to be given the cane!!! Any slouching children had to use a back stretcher and anyone giving the wrong answer had to wear a Dunce cap. Miss Sanderson and Mrs Mann enjoyed being called ma'am although it was not so much fun when the tables were turned and WE were punished with the cane! What a fabulous day, we were so proud of the children for getting involved and performing their part. 

Egg Rolling Competition

Here are the children taking part in our Egg Rolling Competition, on the last day of term. It was great fun and they all enjoyed the activity. Well done to Patrick, who managed to roll his egg the furthest. 

Art exhibition 

The children have very much enjoyed creating their dinosaur artwork this half term. We hope to see you at our open morning on Thursday 8th February, when you will get the chance to view your child's work, then purchase their beautiful painting. Come and see how busy we have been! 

A special visitor

The children enjoyed a visit from the great fossil hunter, Mary Anning. She told us about her life and answered some of the thoughtful questions posed by the children, such as - how did you find the Ichthyosaur skull? What tools did you use? How many fossils did you find? Where is the beach we need to visit, to find our OWN fossils? 


This half term in Class 4 we have been learning so much about dinosaurs! We have become quite the experts. For example...

Did you know, a meat-eating dinosaur is called a carnivore, and a plant-eating dinosaur is called a herbivore? Perhaps you can name and describe some of these dinosaurs at home.

Did you know that all the continents were once joined together? This super continent was called Pangea.

Did you know that Mary Anning made a very important discovery, right here in England? She even came to talk to us about her life and work.

We think we might have some budding geologists, perhaps even palaeontologists, on our hands! 

It's Great Having You Back!

This week the children said a big HELLO and welcome back to Mrs. Palmer-Powell. It is super to have her back with us again after her Maternity Leave. Hooray!! 

The children have worked so very hard on their Nativity performances and we now have only one or two rehersals left ready for the big day. We know they will be fabulous!


It's COLD outside!

BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! It's freezing. Don't forget to bring a thick, warm coat, plus a hat and gloves. Make sure you can still enjoy playing outside at playtime and at lunch!

Hopefully we will feel warm and cosy while we watch the Snowman and the Snowdog this week. We are going to use the story to write our own descriptive sentences and create some fabulous pieces of art. I can't wait!

Healthy food

To continue our foodie theme we would like you all to think carefully about what makes a healthy meal. How many portions of fruit and vegetables should you eat? How much dairy? How many treats? Do you think you have a healthy diet? 

Our school trip

This week class 4 went on a trip to Tesco! We took part in their Farm to Fork session and had a super experience. We learned about different foods, where they come from and how they are made. First we tried different cheeses - the stripy cheese was yummy but the garlic cheese was given the thumbs down by most! Miss Sanderson tried to eat all of the Wensleydale with cranberries...oops! We visited the fish counter and went colour spotting in the fruit and veg aisle. Then we put some lovely hats on to go into the bakery. We squished some dough, saw some huge machines that produce the bread and spent a long time trying to spot the little man who shoots price tags onto packs of bread rolls!! Finally we got to sample some more foods. We had Sharon fruit, blueberries...even pomegranate! Wow! 

Class 4 behaved exceptionally well and were a credit to our school. Thank you to Becky at Tesco for being a fabulous host! 

Your mission...should you choose to accept it....

Can you count confidently to 100? Can you count on from ANY number to 100? Maybe you could start at 25? 50? 75? 

Mission possible...

Food glorious food!

Yum, This makes me hungry!

Next half term we will be thinking about food. Perhaps over the holiday you could start thinking about foods you love and foods you hate. We have been using a fantasic selection of adjectives for our work on baddies - can you think of some adjectives you might use for food? Here are a couple to start you off...

  • delicious 
  • tasty
  • disgusting
  • horrible....


Class 4 PE days are on a Monday and Thursday. Plese remember to bring your PE kit on these days. Thank you!


This week, Year One walked ALL the way to St. Lawrence's church to witness a Baptism. We didn't have a real baby, just a pretend baby called Rosie-May. Nikas and Amelia were chosen to be Godparents and had to promise to look after the baby. Stas got to light the Jesus candle. It was really funny because it kept blowing out!! Leah went up to light the smaller candles. Reverend Marion told us all about Baptisms. She had a special shell to scoop water out of the font to pour on the baby's head. Then she splashed everyone! We were soaked!

Tens and ones

This week we have been working really hard in Maths. Class 4 have been learning to use Multi base to help them count in tens and understand the value of numbers ALL THE WAY TO 100!!! Andrew and Alecia found it quite easy but Lake said she found the job quite tricky. The greatest number we managed to make with the Multi base, as a class, was 71. Soon we will be able to add and subtract with numbers up to 100. We look forward to more tricky challenges next week!