Class 4

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Mrs Greenlees and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Cook.


We have been reading books about Mr Grinling, the Lighthouse Keeper.  He always enjoys delicious food, made by his wife.  We had a go at inventing our own sandwiches.  We had fillings like chocolate spread and banana, cheese and crisps, tuna and mayonaise and chocolate spread and marshmallows!  The children had a great time making and then eating their creations.

Thanks for all the food donations from parents :)


Today we had a visit from the lovely Michelle, from Warburtons.  SHe told us about the history of the company and then gave us some light, fluffy dough for us to make bread!  We made hedgehog loaves!  We also had a yummy taste test of some of the loaves that Warburtons make...and best of was FREE!!!!

What a super morning!

Victorian Day

Victorian Day was amazing!  Mrs Greenlees had all the punishments going!  All the class were brilliant actors and stayed in role all day.  They did maths on slates, country dancing, phonics, scripture and nature study!  Well done to all the parents for the fabulous costumes...But we were all glad to be going back to 2019 at the end of the day!!

Easter in the garden

What a lovely sunny day to sit in the garden and share the Easter story.

Then we shared hot cross buns.  Yummy!


Check us out on the apparatus!  We climbed up high and tried to land our jumps.

Our new classroom

We have now moved classroom and it is BRILLIANT!  We are working hard on lots of new challenges, having fun and learning to get along together.  Class Four are superstars!

ChRiStMaS pArTy!


We all love the Christingle service every year.  We focus on our strength of SPIRITUALITY as we watch the lit candle.  We have to be careful and sit still, but the candles look so pretty.

Christmas time!

Can you remember performing our Christmas nativity, Whoops-a-daisy Angel?  We were all brilliant!

Fruity Flapjack!

For our final DT project this half term we made Fruity Flapjack. It was extremely yummy and we enjoyed using the weighing scales to accurately measure the ingredients! They were perfectly sticky and we even had some to sell at the Christmas Fayre!


Well done Class 4

Royal Rice

We made Royal Rice this week and we loved how colourful and tasty they were. 

We selected which ingredients we wanted to use and we helped to chop up some of the ingredients.

We have had a lot of talk on which foods are healthy and which foods we should only eat a little of. Our Royal  Rice turned out great and it was really tasty. 

Well done for trying something new Class 4!

Our next DT  project is Fruity Flapjack. We can't wait!

Beans on toast!

This week we have been looking at the structure of recipes and writing instructions. We wrote ingredient and equipment lists for making delicious beans on toast. We then made the meal with Mrs Cook in the canteen and wrote out our instructions. We REALLY enjoyed this activity and can't wait to make our next DT project!

Children in need 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money to help children in need. We had such a lovely day and we looked so colourful! 

Muffin topped pizza!

As part of our DT projects we are making a range of different healthy foods to try in class. This week we created muffin topped pizza!

We had a great time making them and they tasted so good!

Well done Class 4

Remembrance day

This Friday we wore red, white and blue to show our respect for all of those who have died in war. We all worked really hard during the week to create bunting and poppies to decorate the front of our school and it looked amazing!

We had some very special visitors who came into school to share their experiences and teach us more about the armed forces. We looked at their medals and uniform and also took part in an obstacle course. We decorated poppies and wrote about World War One. Did you know that even gold fish played their part in helping during the war? Neither did we! But we now know that after washing gas masks they would often test to see if they were safe to use again by dipping them into a fish bowl. If the fish died they knew they were not cleaned properly.
At the end of the day we placed the poppies we made in the centre of our circle during our two minutes silence to show our respect.


Thank you to all of our visitors. We had a fantastic time!

A christening 1.11.18

In year 1 today we celebrated the christening of baby Brenda Lilly. Reverend Marion of St. Lawrences church came to perform the baptism. We had a set of parents and god parents from each class who helped with the baptism of Brenda Lilly. Reverend Marion showed us her special robes that she has to wear for the baptism and we looked at a special pot that contained oil. The oil was used to make a cross on baby Brenda’s forehead and the parents and godparents answered some questions. After this we listened to a bible story and a prayer then we all clapped. We enjoyed learning all about this special occasion and even looked at some objects that  Mrs Palmer-Powell brought in from her daughter's christening. 

Our WOW board!

Our WOW board got very full last half term. We have taken them down and handed them out. Can we fill the board even more this half term? 

Well done Class 4! W/C 15.10.18

We kept the trophy for the second week running!

Keep it up class 4!

What a fantastic start!

What a fantastic start to the school year we have had here in class four. We have enjoyed getting stuck into our first topic book Knock, Knock. Who's there? and exploring all the 'baddies' in this story, as well as inventing our own! We have learnt all about nouns, adjectives and verbs and we are enjoying becoming mini artists as we paint and draw ourselves in the style of Picasso. Come on in and check out our awesome display! Can you tell who's who? 
We certainly have some mathematicians here with us in class four and as a result our celebrating strengths display is overflowing with WOW cards for love of learning and persistence.
We are currently solving addition and subtraction problems using jottings and numberlines and we are enjoying using the multibase to represent numbers. 
Keep an eye out for our names in the future Olympic games! So many of us are already amazing gymnasts. We have practised our balancing on the apparatus and we are becoming more and more confident using that scary looking A frame. 

Make sure you check out our weekly blogs to see what we have been up to.

Well done class 4!      W/C 8.10.18

We have had an amazing week in class 4! We wore yellow for world mental health day to help raise awareness, we took part in a local walk to explore the human and physical features around us and we had an amazing time with some of the parents who came to our maths open morning. But to top it all off we won both the attendance and lunch time awards in school. We are so proud that all of our hard work has paid off this week. 


Well done Liam!

Today we celebrated with Liam on the golden board for his top strength of love of learning. Liam has had a fantastic week and this top strength has just shone out of him! He has worked so independently this week in his writing and has produced some lovely written work. Well done Liam, keep it up!

Maths open morning 9.10.18

We had a brilliant time at the maths open morning. It was wonderful to have so many parents and grandparents join us for the hour to experience our maths lesson and interact with the class. We hope you enjoyed the carousel of activities and once again thank you to all who came. 

We can take a selfie! 

We used the ipad to take a selfie. What do you think?

Our local walk- exploring human and physical features

We had a fantastic time exploring our local area on Wednesday. We walked past lots of human and physical features and when we returned to school we drew pictures and labelled all of the human and physical features we saw. 
Thank you to our parent volunteers and all satff who took part. 
Also the yellow vests were the perfect colour for mental health awareness day! 

PE every Monday and Thursday

Please bring your PE kits every Monday and Thursday as we have PE first thing! Please provide your child with a kit for these days. If your child has pierced ears please also provide plasters for them to apply. 


Thank you!


Reading is really important. Try to read at home everyday even if it is just for 5 minutes. 

When you come to school each morning, remember to ALWAYS put you reading book in the basket for us to change your books. 

When your child has read at home it would be fantastic if you could write which page number they read up to or even a brief comment on how they did.

Thank you


Maths Monster- class 4

When it is your turn to take home the Maths Monster make sure you teach him something new. Can you teach him how to solve an addition or subtraction problem? Can you show him how to form his numbers correctly? Can you show him how to tell the time?

Don't forget to take pictures/ draw/ write about what you have done together. 

We can't wait to read all about it first thing Monday morning!