Class 5

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Mrs Platt and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Arden.

Victorian day!

We had such an amazing day! We dressed up as Victorians but the teachers were really mean! We think we like school better how it is now! Have a look at some of our photos.. 


Today we have been taking part in an allstars cricket workshop, It was ace! It was very very warm though! We used cricket bats and cones and even went to the 'moon!' We are looking forward to spending more PE time outside. 


For our Easter homework we have been designing spaceships for Beegu! We have been so creative and used our imaginations. We are very happy with our designs. 


Sunflower planting

This afternoon class 5 have been planting some sunflowers. We are very excited to see what will happen to them. We know we need to be nice and quiet so they can grow in peace! They also need lots of water, compost and sunlight.

We will keep taking photos to keep you updated! 


This half term we have been looking at and learning about DINOSUARS! We know so much about dinosaurs we think our heads might explode! 

We have learnt all about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. How dinosaurs died and where they lived. We can name lots and lots of them!

I bet you dont know as much about dinosuars as we do! 

We have had so much fun.. Have a look at some of our pictures to see!

Our taste test! 

Today (9th October 2017) we have been doing a taste test! We have tasted Hummus, Honey, Salsa and MARMITE! We dunked our bread sticks in the pots and had lots of fun. Unfortunately not all of us liked them all!!

The dark den!

Today (Tuesday 26th September) class 5 went into our dark den. IT WAS AMAZING! It was so dark we could not see a thing! It was pitch black. We took some torches in and looked at the light. We have had lots of fun as you can see...