Well readers...

We have had our first week with Elvis and what a week !!!!!!

He has been up to all sorts!!!

Monday- He got his sleeping bag and went to sleep suspended from the ceiling .

Tuesday- He taped poor Bella to the white board!!

Wednesday- Bella got her revenge

Thursday- He tried to escape by climbing a home made ladder up to the magic elf door

Friday- He decided to read himself a story and left the books all over the carpet

Oh Elvis!!!!!!!

It's Elf time!!!

Elvis the Elf arrived in class 5 today (Monday 3rd December) Special delivery from the North Pole.

Some of you may remember Elvis from his visit to Class 3 last year when he got up to all sorts!

What mischief will he get up to ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Advent Spiral

Once again this year we took part in the advent spiral.

The lights were dimmed, music was playing and the candles were lit.

Fruity Flapjack!

The final recipe we followed was for FRUITY FLAPJACK.

For this recipe we needed the hob and the oven so we decided it would be best to use the canteen. We followed the recipe and instructions carefully and we have just one word for you.......





Writing Instructions!

We have been thinking all about recipes and instructions. As part of our English work we wanted to write the instructions - including bossy commands - for making beans on toast. We decided it would be a good idea if we made them first so we knew exactly what to do.

We must say they were excellent!!!!!!!!!

Attendance award!!!!!!

For the second week running (19th - 23rd November ) Class 5 won the attendance award.

Keep it up class 5!

Royal Rice!

Continuing our work on food this week we made 'Royal Rice'. We again followed the recipe and then added ingredients of our choice to make lovely individual dishes. You can tell by our faces whether we enjoyed it.... or NOT!


If you are interested in making this dish at home see recipe below!

Look closely...

...no not at us!

Can you see the trophy? 

We are pleased to announce that Class 5 won the attendance award for this week (12th - 16th November). We had 1 absence and 3 lates. Our best week yet! 

Children In Need!

Friday 16th November

Today was children in need day. We were set the challenge of wearing as many colours as we could. Don't we look fantastic!!!!!

Muffin Topped Pizza

Term this in year 1 we are thinking about food. We have done lots of talking about food, deciding which foods are healthy and which we should only eat a little of. 

This week it was finally time to cook and eat. We could not wait!

We made muffin topped pizza. We looked at the ingredients and each decided which toppings we would like.

We spread the tomato pasatta on to the muffin then added ham, sweetcorn, pineapple and cheese. Some of us were brave and added all of them. Some of us just picked what we like.

Then we waited patiently for them to cook...




... Finally they were ready. We all sat together on the carpet and the smell was fantastic.

We did a great job. The pizza was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

Why not try them at home?

See recipe below!


Rememberance Day!

On Friday 9th November we dresses in red, white and blue and made poppies and bunting to decorate the school with. We did this to remember the soldiers. We learnt about WW1 and the soldier who fought. We found out about where they were, what they wore and what they did. 

Then we had some visitors. They were from the army today!

They showed us their uniforms, their helmets and their sleeping bag as well as other equipment they might need. We tried the equipment on. IT WAS HEAVY!!!!!!!

We think we looked very funny in the equipment because it was too BIG!.

They let us camoflage their faces with special paints. Lucy did her face too!

Can you see her?

Next we did an assault course. We had to...

...crawl under the camoflage net, run to the hoop, step through the hoop and run to the end of the course.

We had a great time.

Later in the day we went to see Mr Bruce. He told us all about the places he went when he was in the army and he showed us some pictures too!

Thank You to all our visitors we had a wonderful day! 

Autumn all around!

We are going to be looking closely at the changes we can see happening to the trees and leaves. 

What happens to the leaves? 

Do all trees change? 

We are going to be learning about different types of trees.


What happens to animals in autumn? 

Can you answer the questions?

What else do you know about changes and the season of autumn? 


In year 1 today, Thursday 1st November 2018, we celebrated the christening of baby Brenda Lilly. Reverend Marion of St. Lawrences church came to perform the baptism. We met Brenda's parents... and also the godparents. 

First Reverend Marion put on her robes, they were white. 

She showed us her special pot that contained oil.

"It had a cross on the top" says Hollie.

When Marion asked why Jacob replied

"Because Jesus died on the cross"

Marion made a cross on Brenda's forehead using the oil.  Then the parents and godparents answered some questions. After that Reverend Marion told us a story from the bible. 

Finally she used the holy water from the bowl..."It's called a font" says Bentley... to wet Brenda's head. Reverend Marion then showed us the baby. 

We all said a prayer. 

Then we all clapped!!!

Brenda was a good baby.

Thank You Reverend Marion.



Welcome back!!!

We are now in our second half term. 

It's going to be GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Class 5 give it a big thumbs up.


Maths Monster says

"How many 2D shapes can you find at your house?"

Who can find the most?


On Tuesday 9th October we invited our grown ups into school to take part in maths activities with us.

We had to recognise numbers from 0 to 100....in a random order.

We also had to solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line to answer the question - which elephant was Elmers friend? 

We are pleased to announce it was ASH!


In art we looked at some portraits by an artist called Picasso. We thought they were very funny, with some of them not really looking like people.

We then painted self portraits in the style of Picasso.

Who can you see? 


...not quite.

We have been learning to use different pieces of technology for different purposes. We had a go at taking selfies using an ipad. What do you think of the results?

Knock Knock...

...Who's there?

It's Class 5.

We read the book 'Knock Knock' and really enjoyed it. We decided to pretend to be characters in the story. We had already added some more baddies to the story so decided to set things right and be goodies. 


We found it very hard to see in the dark den... it was pitch black. We had to use our hands to feel our way around. We made each other jump... A LOT!!!

That's better!

When we added torches it was much easier to see. 

This is what we thought...

"I liked it when I put the torch on because it was dark in the den"

"It was scary and dark and I couldn't find the way out"

"It was dark and we needed flash lights"

"It was scary when I went in the dark den because there wasn't any light"

Our Senses!

We have been thinking about our 5 senses:

Hearing- using our ears to listen

Taste- using our mouths and tongues 

Sight- using our eyes

Smell- using our noses

Touch- using our hands


We took part in several activities using these senses.

We went on a listening walk around school and heard different sounds in different places, such as children talking, doors closing and people walking inside and workmen hammering and drilling and the wind rusting in the trees outside.

We explored our sense of taste and smell by taking a taste test. We had several different flavours of crisps in bowls but did not know what they were. First we snifffed them to try to work out the flavours.... then we ate them. YUM!!!!!!!!

We explored the dark den using our sight and touch. Do you like the pictures we took?



Digital Camera

We have been learning how to use a digital camera and took our own pictures of life in class 5. 

What do you think of our photographs?


Reading is very important!

Try to read at home everyday even if it is only for 5 minutes.

When you arrive in the classroom each morning don't forget to put your book in the red basket

If would be great if when you have read at home your grown up wrote a comment in your reading diary to let us know how you did and how far you read.






In PE we took part in some simple tests... 

...standing on one leg - with our eyes open!

...standing on one leg- with our eyes CLOSED!!!!

What was the difference?

It was harder to balance with our eyes closed, we wobbled a lot more!

Next we bounced a ball with our right hand. Then we tried our left hand. It was easier for most of us with our right hand. Then we tried again.... with our eyes closed!



Sign your name !!!

We went out in to the playground and wrote our names very large using chalk.

We tried very hard with our letter formation. Can you find your name?


We are very excited in Class 5 because every friday Maths Monster will come home with one of us!!!!!!!

He has his own exercise book and pencils and we can't wait to teach him maths.

Who will he choose?


In Class 5 our PE days are Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure you bring your PE kit - shorts and T-Shirt on these days.

Thank You!


Class 5

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Miss Carter and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mann.