Class 6

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Miss Wright and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hicks.

The Perfect Sandwich.

Whilst reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch we were amazed at all the delicious packed lunches Mrs Grinling makes for Mr Grinling. We set ourselves the challenge of designing and making the best sandwich ever! They were yummy, well most of them!

Victorian Day - What an amazing experience! We are glad it is back to normal again now!


What a brilliant job and well done to our winners!

Class 6 won again! 

The attendence award this time!


We have won the lunchtime award again, well done Class 6!


We have enjoyed working in the garden, planting and even painting our own spring flowers.

A beanstalk is growing in our classroom!

Linking to our topic of Jack and the Beanstalk we were shocked to see a beanstalk had grown in our classroom. It looks like there is a giant peaking through at the top too. We were amazing reporters and wrote newspaper articles to explain it!

We are famous!

We were very lucky to be invited to the museum for the launch of the dinosaur bones found in North Lincolnshire. It was a Pliosaur! A group of us went with Mrs Hicks and Mrs Mann to the museum and were on TV, radio and completed a range of activities linking to their find. It was brilliant!

Dinosaurs Galore!

Wow! What an exciting and busy half term. We have all learnt so much about dinosaurs and really enjoyed it. We have made our own fossils as we discovered who Mary Anning was and even hatched our own dinosaur from an egg. It was a good job it was a stegosaurus inside so it didnt want to eat us! We have ended our topic with some fantastic artwork making our own dinosaur canvesses.

Christmas Party in Class 6!!

Yippee it's party time! We all had a fabulous afternoon and even had a visit from Santa!

Christingle Time

What a wonderful afternoon! We all enjoyed our Christingle service. When all the candles were lit it was magical.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

This week we have all thoroughly enjoyed reading, watching and writing about The Snowman. We think that it is one of the best Christmas stories ever! Next we used chalk to draw our very own Snowman and they are fabulous! What do you think?

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

What a fabulous Christmas concert year one, you were all amazing!

Our Advent Spiral

We all enjoyed our advent spiral. It was very spiritual and the perfect start to our advent celebrations.

YUMMY Beans on Toast!

As part of our topic on food, we have made beans on toast today. We worked as a team to make sure all of the cooking and washing up was done and of course the eating too! We used this in our English work and have written instructions of what to do. If you need to know just ask!

DT Project 2 : Making Royal Rice

Fancy a rice dish fit for a king? Then ask Class 6 how to make Royal Rice.

Everyone tasted and choose the ingredients for their own royal rice. We choose from tomatoes, sweetcorn, peppers, pineapple, kidney beans and beetroot. Some of these were new foods to us and we all had a try. Next we concocted our own special recipe. Yum yum!


Well done Class 6! We have won the lunchtime award again. You must have brilliant manners and are clearly showing your strength of friendship to everyone!

It's Pizza Time!

As part of our DT project all about food we have planned and made our own muffin topped pizzas. We tasted and then selected our toppings to make our own mini pizza. Once they had cooked in the grill and the cheese was melted and gooey we enjoyed eating them together. Yummy! 

Most of us thought we had done a good job!

Remembering World War I

In school we had a red, white and blue day and learnt the reasons why we wear poppies at this time of the year. 

Class 6 had a brilliant day learning all about World War I, what it was like in the trenches and also the life of Wildfred Owen. We could not believe that his friend got killed and he died at the age of 25.

The day was made even better by our special army visitors. We got to try on lots of equipment and dicover what life as a soldier can be like. This included the good parts and the not so good parts!

Autumn is here!

What happens in Autumn?

How does the weather change?

What do some animals do?

Remember the days get shorter and the nights get longer!

How are the trees changing?

What happens to the leaves?
Why do they change colour?

Do all trees lose their leaves?

Remember deciduous trees lose their leaves but not evergreen trees.

Enjoy exploring and learning all about Autumn!


Today we have have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and how he planned to blow up the king. His job was to light the 36 barrels of gunpowder in a cellar under the Houses of Parliment. But he got caught and was sent to prison and killed for treason!

We loved finding out all about him and ended the day drawing him. They look brilliant!

The Christening of Baby Brenda!

To end our unit of work on special people and naming ceromonies we had a role play Christening at school today. Children took on the role of parents and god parents and Reverend Marian led the special ceremony. Baby Brenda was so well behaved!

Maths Parents Workshop!

WOW! What a sucessful workshop. We had lots of parents and did lots of maths! Thank you for all your support!


Next week we are going to be finding out all about this eleohant. Do you know who he is?



In science we have been learning all about our senses and have investigated each one in turn. Today it was the sense of taste and we got to taste different flavours of crisps. We easily worked out the flavour and gave each one a score out of 10! Ready Salted were very popular but Smokey Bacon were not so!

Celebrating Harvest!

We have been celebrating harvest all week and have collected lots of food for the local food bank. Our genorosity has been brilliant! 

Sienna explains that

"Miss Wright told us a story about Mary the baker. We got some lovely bread to share from her and we all had a taste of it. Then we put the leftovers behind the blue doorand we waited for the fairies to come. (The fairies were also in the story). When we looked later all that was left was the blanket!"

Portraits in the style of Picasso!

We have also painted crazy portraits in the style of Picasso! They made us smile and were lots of fun to create! Our top strength of creativity definitely shone through!


Look at our watercolour paintings. They are protraits of us! Do you think they look like us?

Mrs Hicks Star Challenge!

Can you count in 1's all the way to 100? Can you count beyond?

Do you recognise all numbers to 100? 

Keep practising by playing games, spotting numbers and having fun!

Knock Knock Who's There?

Are we goodies or baddies? We definitely thought amazing goodies!!


We have had lots of fun thinking about Goodies and Baddies in our story 'Knock Knock who's there?'. We have added new Baddies to the story and have described these using lots of interesting adjectives. We have thought about pirates and monsters and ghosts and of course the big bad wolf. Can you think of any more? What would they do if they came to your door?

Next came the goodies and of course that had to be us!!! 


Only week 3 and we have won the lunchtime award. Keep it up!


Reading is really important. Try to read at home everyday even if it is just for 5 minutes. 

When you come to school each morning, remember to ALWAYS put you reading book in the basket!

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please make sure you have your PE kit in school.