Class 6

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Miss Wright and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Telford.


We all enjoyed designing and making a sandwich for Mr Grinlings light house lunch. However they looked so delicious we just had to eat them!

Our Royal Wedding Celebrations

Today we have celebrated the Royal Wedding by wearing our posh clothes, having a parade of the crowns we made at home and learning lots about the royal family.

Year 1 Benchball

All of year one competed in a Benchball festival at Outward Brumby Academy and played brilliantly. Well done everyone!

Victorian Day

What a wonderful day!


So far this term we have been enjoying learning the story of Beegu. You can listen to this story on You Tube. As part of our work we had a challenge to make Beegu a new spaceship as she had crashed hers. We designed them and then made them out of different construction kits. We then described them in our English lesson. See what you think!


Well done Bob for rolling your egg the furthest. Happy Easter everyone!


We successfully completed a mile every day this week in aid of Sports Relief. Well done class 6!

Look at our Sunflowers .... in the style of Van Gogh!

We looked at lots of the different pieces of art created by Van Gogh and decided which were our favourites. We then used oil pastels to have a go at recreating his sunflowers. What do you think?


This week Class 6 has won the lunchtime award. We have worked so hard helping others, being kind and making good choices during lunchtimes and it worked. We won the award by earning over 100 points! 

Great teamwork everyone!


Have you got sweets to share? Can you find 1/2 of them? How about a 1/4 of them?


We have enjoyed retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week and our writing is getting better and better!



Class 6 finally won the Attendence Award this week. Well done everyone!

Mrs Telford Challenge!!

Can you spell all the days of the week correctly?

A Gaint Beanstalk Appears in Class 6!

This half term we are learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. We started this topic with a giant beanstalk growing in our classroom. We have all been brilliant reporters this week and have written our first ever newspaper reports to describe this strange event and we all did a good job!


Can you spell and write numbers as words all the way to 20?

one, two, three ....

We are walking in the air!

Snowman pictures drawn using chalks, linking to our work on Winter!

Dinosaur Roar!

We have had an amazing half term learning all about dinosaurs. We have learnt poems, facts, danced like dinosaurs and even created our own artwork on canvasses. We now know lots more about dinosaurs and this knowledge has also made our writing great!

A Wriggly Nativity!

All dressed and ready for our amazing performance of a Wriggly Nativity.

Our school trip to Tesco's!

We visited Tesco's today and all completed the 'Farm to Fork' trail. We found and named lots of different foods. We found out where some of our foods come from and how they are made. We went in the bakery and even in the huge freezer... it was so cold! We also tasted lots of different foods and had a fantastic morning! Thank you Tesco's! 

Guy Fawkes

This week we have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night and have fireworks today. Remember to tell the people at home all about it!

Mrs Telford's next star challenge!!!

Can you recognise all numbers to 20? 50? What about to 100?

Happy half term Class 6!!

Remember your Smartie challenge!!

Food Glorious Food!

Next half term we are thinking about food. What are your favourite foods? What foods do you hate? Why?



This half term we have been thinking about lots of different adjectives to describe the baddies in our stories.

These included:

  • a wicked and old witch
  • a strong and powerful giant
  • a spooky and cheeky ghost
  • a hairy and smelly gorilla
  • a slimy and odd alien

Can you think of any more? What adjectives can you use to describe them?

The newest member of Class 6!

Meet Spiky the class monkey!

Mrs Telford's Star Challenge!!

Can you count all the way to 100 in 1's?

Keep practising and you will soon get there!


Writing Lists!

This week in English we have busy writing lots of lists about the things we like and the things that we don't like. We all remembered that we have to write one idea underneath the other. What other lists can you write?


Can you write a shopping list for an adult at home?

Can you write a list of friends for our class monkey Spiky?


All this practise will make our Christmas lists for Santa amazing this year! You can do it!

Our Role Play Baptism

This week we went with the rest of year 1 to St Lawrence's church to learn all about a baptism and what happens during these celebrations. Reverend Marion pretended that our doll, Ruby-May, was a real baby and we all enjoyed our visit!

PE Days

Just a reminder that our PE days are a Monday and a Friday so please remember your PE kit!

Our Classroom!

Class 6 are all settled in our classroom now and here are just a few pictures to show you what it looks like!