Class 6

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Miss Wright and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hicks.

Maths Parents Workshop!

WOW! What a sucessful workshop. We had lots of parents and did lots of maths! Thank you for all your support!


Next week we are going to be finding out all about this eleohant. Do you know who he is?



In science we have been learning all about our senses and have investigated each one in turn. Today it was the sense of taste and we got to taste different flavours of crisps. We easily worked out the flavour and gave each one a score out of 10! Ready Salted were very popular but Smokey Bacon were not so!

Celebrating Harvest!

We have been celebrating harvest all week and have collected lots of food for the local food bank. Our genorosity has been brilliant! 

Sienna explains that

"Miss Wright told us a story about Mary the baker. We got some lovely bread to share from her and we all had a taste of it. Then we put the leftovers behind the blue doorand we waited for the fairies to come. (The fairies were also in the story). When we looked later all that was left was the blanket!"

Portraits in the style of Picasso!

We have also painted crazy portraits in the style of Picasso! They made us smile and were lots of fun to create! Our top strength of creativity definitely shone through!


Look at our watercolour paintings. They are protraits of us! Do you think they look like us?

Mrs Hicks Star Challenge!

Can you count in 1's all the way to 100? Can you count beyond?

Do you recognise all numbers to 100? 

Keep practising by playing games, spotting numbers and having fun!

Knock Knock Who's There?

Are we goodies or baddies? We definitely thought amazing goodies!!


We have had lots of fun thinking about Goodies and Baddies in our story 'Knock Knock who's there?'. We have added new Baddies to the story and have described these using lots of interesting adjectives. We have thought about pirates and monsters and ghosts and of course the big bad wolf. Can you think of any more? What would they do if they came to your door?

Next came the goodies and of course that had to be us!!! 


Only week 3 and we have won the lunchtime award. Keep it up!


Reading is really important. Try to read at home everyday even if it is just for 5 minutes. 

When you come to school each morning, remember to ALWAYS put you reading book in the basket!

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please make sure you have your PE kit in school.