Class 8


Your teacher is Mrs Taylor and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hicks.


Early on Monday morning, the small children at Frodingham Infants School had a terrible shock when they arrived at their classroom. The children asked, “What could have happened?” Mrs Taylor had put yellow/black tape across the classroom door along with a warning sign.


As they walked into the classroom the children could not believe their eyes! What a huge surprise it was! There were tables and chairs thrown all over the room, pens, pencils and word mats spread across the floor and many large, scaly DRAGON footprints around the room.  

As the children looked more closely, they found beautiful gems and colourful stones too.

Then we found some of the children’s pictures. They had been scorched by the fierce dragon’s breath.  What a shame this was!  Maybe the dragon wasn’t a fan of our artwork … but Harvey wanted to know, “How come the fire alarm didn’t go off?”  Who knows what the dragon was capable of!

The Dragon Hunt Begins

After the dreadful mess had been tidied up, the children went on a dragon hunt around the school and in the playground. We found lots of clues which told us that the dragon had been looking around the school.  There were big cracks on the ceiling, scorch marks on the walls and muddy footprints on the roof.  Some children felt frightened and scared, others were very excited and loved searching for more clues. 

Broken by the dragon?

There were clues everywhere.

Look what we found!

Suddenly, Lucion shouted, “COME AND LOOK AT THIS!”  There hidden behind the bench was an enormous Dragon egg and a mini lizard! 

Welcome to Class 8

We have had a fantastic start to the Autumn Term in Class 8. The children have all settled in really well and are now familiar with their new classroom.

In Class 8, we will be having P.E. on Wednesday & Friday mornings. Could you please make sure your child has their kit in school on these days?

To support the children and encourage their love of reading it would be very helpful if you could read with your child as often as possible. This has a huge impact on their reading progress!

This term our topic in Year 2 is Superheroes. 

We had a fantastic day dressed as our favourite superheroes and the children voted for me to dress as Wonder Women!  Photos to follow.



Week 4 -

2D and 3D Shapes

In Maths this week, we have been learning about 2D Shapes and their properties (including line of symmetry). Some children enjoyed cutting out a range of  paper shapes and folding them, while others used mirrors to check that they had drawn their line of symmetry correctly. 

We have also been learning about 3D shapes and matching these to real life objects. For example, the children knew that Pringles crisps could be found in a cylinder container and that a Chocolate Orange and a football were a Sphere!

To explore shape further, we also used interactive games from the this is a website that children can access at home too.

Week 5

This week in Class 8, the children have been writing fantasy stories. They have created an imaginary superhero and sent them off on a unique adventure. We were very proud of the children's creativity and amazed by their super imagination!



For example, Casey's character was Super-Weird who had to save the world from a Blood Eating Monster.   Pippa wrote about  an Animal Girl who could turn into any animal she wanted to, in order to save the day!



Week 6

Another great week in Class 8.  We have been exploring 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey. The children have really enjoyed sharing the story. We went on to write some super Non-chronological Reports using the facts taken from the story. The children loved the idea of villains made from everyday objects and materials so don't be surprised if your scrubbing brush turns into your child's imaginary pet! (just like the one in the story)


Time to do some Maths! 

This week started by revising Year 1 Objectives for time (o'clock and half an hour) and then most children quickly moved onto telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes (quarter to and quarter past the hour).

The children also had fun ordering the events. A day in the life of being a Superhero, which lead them to be able to answer questions and solve simple word problems about the Superhero's day.


The Great Fire of London

This term we have been learning a lot of facts about the Great Fire of London of 1666.  The children have really enjoyed the topic and many of them have been bringing in extra work that they have been doing at home. This has been fantastic! As part of our topic the children have also designed and made their own 'City Scene' which looks amazing in our classroom. Take a look for yourselves!