In PE today the children have been working really hard on their balances, rolls and jumps.  Working in small groups they were able to make a simple gymnastics sequence.  They were amazing!


Marbling today!

What fantastic colours!

The children really enjoyed mixing the colours together.

The results were amazing!

We will be using these to make dragon eggs.

The Day a Dragon came to School

We have had a very exciting day today!

We arrived at school this morning to find out that we had a visitor in school during the half term.


What a dreadful mess this is!

When the children arrived there was a terrible mess in the classroom.  The tables were turned upside down, pencils and books were all over the floor. Can you spot any clues in the picture?

Oh No! 

The naughty dragon burnt the children's super dragon pictures too.

Tudor Houses

The children in Class 9 have loved learning about the Great Fire of London and as part of this topic they have designed and made a Tudor House.  We are very proud of their designs and the children wanted to share them with you.

The Great Fire of London


Year 2 have been learning about the meaning of Christmas and making their own Christingle.  All the children came together in the hall this afternoon to share a special celebration.  It was a beautiful reflective service.

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Farewell Miss Barkas

Sadly, it is time to say Goodbye to Miss Barkas 

We have had a great six weeks with Miss Barkas and the children have loved having her in Class 9.   Here she is sharing a special card made by the children and Mrs Arden.



Let's have a party!

To celebrate we had a leaving party and some yummy treats!  It was quite an emotional day.

Time to dance

What amazing dancers we have in our class!   

The children learnt a new dance today .... the Cha Cha Slide.

Check out Class 9 on LINCS FM Radio - Little School - Week 11

We had a visit from the Lincs FM's Joesph Begley today as he wanted to speak to the children to find out what they had been learning about.

Luckily, Class 9 were full of facinating facts about CHOCOLATE.  The children were full of enthausiasm and were so excited to take part in the show and actually be on the radio!

It was lovely listening to the children speaking on the radio as I drove to work this morning! 

Even Mrs Woodrow was listening  to them on the radio as she prepared the school dinners in the canteen earlier this morning.

Wear a Rainbow

We have had a very colourful day in school today. 

In support of 'Children in Need' the children came dressed in all the colours of the rainbow.  Class 9 looked AMAZING!   Here are just a few snapshots of our day.  Thank you for your donations everyone.

Science Investigation 

Class 9 love to investigate!

Today they have been exploring changes of state.

They were asked to predict what would happen when heat was applied to an egg, bread & chocolate.


This is what happened.

Some children thought the egg would change colour and others thought it would become scrambled egg.

Most children knew that chocolate would melt and that bread would become hard and crusty!

It smells delicious!

The children enjoyed smelling all the foods this afternoon.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens on Monday.

The food has been placed in the fridge over the weekend ... Will they return to their original state after being cooled again?   

Discuss at home with your family.

Red, White and Blue Day -

What a fabulous day it was!

Poppy Wreath

Every child made their own poppy which was then made into a wreath for us to take to the Cenotaph in Scunthorpe. The children would like to show their support for those who lost their lives in the war, show an appreciation of all serving service men and women and veterans.

Poppy Tree

During the Golden Assembly, the children were discussing the beautiful poppy tree and there was lots of excitement and giggles because we had 'REAL' soliders in the hall!

Poppy Poems

The children worked with a partner to plan,write and edit an Accrostic Poem. 

Some of which will be on the British Values Display.

Harry's Poem

Harry wrote a beautiful poem using his neatest joined up handwriting.

Autumn Term 2

Remembrance Day 2018

We had a super day in Class 9 on Friday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of WW1. The children looked fantastic in their red, white and blue outfits. Many of them were also wearing their precious poppies, slapbands, bracelets etc.  Thank you all very much for helping us to celebrate and raise money for such an important  occassion.

It was all very exciting because we had some special actitives planned and of course our very special visitors, who were amazing.  In class, we have been making poppies to decorate the garden and the front fence of our school. We wanted to share our achievements with the local people and support local veterans too.

Year 2 Wedding

We have had a fantastic afternoon celebrating the Year 2 Role Play Wedding.  The children have learnt about the different roles of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, best man, parents, guests and of course Reverend Marion!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

How beautiful the bridesmaids are!  They were very helpful and able to help the bride with the flowers and her dress.

The Groom and the Best Man

The best man gave a super speech to all the guests and even managed NOT to lose the wedding rings. (which looked very yummy!)

Telling the Time

This week in Maths, we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes.

Here is a poster to help you practise telling the time at home.

Remember the long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand.

Would Tinfoil be durable?

The children loved investigating this week. They were trying to find out which material would be the most suitable for making a cape for a superhero.

Is it waterproof?

It was lovely to see the children exploring the properties of a range of materials.

Does it flow in the wind?

Each group carried out their investigation in different ways.

Excellent scientifc vocabulary was used during the group discussions.

Superhero Day in Class 9

Nat Fantastic

This term the children have been enjoying a selection of stories based on a range of Superheroes.  They have been using 'Talk for Writing' techniques to learn the stories, draw text maps and then go on to innovate them.  The results were fantastic!

Carpet Partners

The children worked together to retell the stories and learn the actions. Here are some of the children deep in discussion.

Text Maps

Once the children had learnt the original story they innovate (changed) elements and then created a new text map including their own ideas. 

The Reading Den

Here are some of the boys enjoying each other's stories in the reading corner.

Class 9

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Mrs Taylor and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Arden.