Class 9

Welcome to our class!

Your teacher is Mrs Greenlees and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Smith.


This week we have been playing tennis.  Some of us thought it was tricky!  Zak and Connie were really good at it!  I think it was quite easy (Brooke).I liked it because it was fun to do.  (Ema)

Baby Chicks!

Finally, the chicks have hatched!  I held a golden yellow one.  It was hard but furry.  It's feet felt scratchy in my hands.  Serenity held a black chick.  It was really fluffy and it moved into my hand.  They ran around on the carpet and the dark brown one pooed on the carpet!!!!!!!!  Mrs Smith had to clean it up.  (Thank you!)  We think the chicks are great and beautiful.

Love from Dylan and Serenity


This week, we have started doing our really hard work, called SATs.  As a nice treat during this time, Mrs Greenlees made us all some toast.

Re-building London

We got an envelope full of instructions for how to help Sir Christopher Wren re-build London after the great fire.  We had to make 2d shapes using straws.  The biggest problem was that we kept losing the end of the sellotape.

We are going home for half term.  Keep safe and have a good week off.

By Jaxson

Fun maths games

If you are looking for some fun maths games to play at home, why not try


See which games you like best and practise tour problem solving skills!

Was the fire great?  PE was!!!!

 Now it is February!

We had fun doing PE.  We thought of different ways of moving on the apparatus. At the end, we played the floor is lava.  It was amazing!

In English we wrote a discussion text about the fire of London.  Dylan thinks it was a good thing because it made a better fire service and it meant that the houses were rebuilt out of brick and stone.  Cole thinks it was bad because people lost their homes and lived in tents.

It's nearly half term!  Happy Class 9.

Love from Dylan and Cole x



We worked in partners to find out more about the great fire of London.  We used books, iPads and our display.  I liked it because I like finding out facts.  It was good working with a partner.  We learnt only 6 people died, but that they might not have counted the poor people.  How rude!  It happened in a bakery in Pudding Lane.  Do you think they burnt the cakes?

Class 9 is on fire!

Love from and bye ... Lilly-Mai and Brooke :)


Today we made our Christingles.  We put sweets onto oranges.  We sang songs and then lit our candles.  It felt special with all the candles lit.

Jayden and Hubert

Advent spiral

Every year, we celebrate the start of the festival of Advent, by having an Advent spiral.  We make a spiral out of jewels and stones and walk it, where Mrs Greenlees lit our candle.  As we light the candle we say, 'the light of Christ in glory shining, scatter the darkness from before your path'.

It's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssttmas!!!!

Class 9 have enjoyed having a lovely time at their Christmas party.  We ate lots, drank lots, played party games and danced together.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Double winners!

 Today we won BOTH awards.

We won the attendance award because we had NO absent children this week!

We won the lunchtime award for the most points, with 54 points.


week 6

We have been making Christmas cards.  They were so fun to make.Aria used blue and pink glitter, silver and gold card.  Connie hasn't made hers yet but is going to do it on purple card.  The concert was really fun to do, when we did our dress rehearsal.

We have made time to do some jigsaws, Christmas colouring and using the iPads.  These all help us to think creatively and improve our fine motor skills.

Have a good day

:Love from Connie and Aria

The day it snowed!

On Thursday 30th November, it snowed!  The freezing, icy snow made us so cold that we started shivering. It was as white as a fluffy cloud.  It was glittering like a diamond.  We ran around and made footprints in the fresh snow in the playground.  Then, we had a steaming hot chocolate to warm us up.  We watched the steam dancing and twirling in the cold air.

Open Morning

We were all so proud that our parents came to see our work.  We loved showing off our neat handwriting, excellent stories and super hard maths!


Today we measured objects and lines with cm and M.  We had fun drawing long lines in the playground!

Week 6

This week we have been learning about Traction Man.  We wrote information.  Zak's was soooooooo good, he went to show it to all the teachers!

We are quite excited because next week we are having a school wedding!  Isla was picked out of the hat and is the bride!  She is happy and excited...but doesn't want to do any kissing!!!

We have been telling the time to the o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  It was a bit tricky!  Luckily, Mrs Greenlees has given us some homework about it!

Lots of love from Isla  and By Zak

Super Science!

We have been learning about Traction Man, so we tested some different materials to make a cape for him and his other superhero friends.  The best material was plastic because it was waterproof, light and flexible but it didn't tear.


We have been learning to write tricky words.  We practise them with a partner...

Week 5

This week we learnt about 2d and 3d shapes.  We named them and sorted them in Carroll diagrams.  We wrote our very own story.  Leo's was about Super Sando who put a fire out in a lighthouse.  Sophie-Mae's was about Strawberry Fizz who saved people from a purple, gooey monster with three heads!  We drew some wedding pictures, ready for when we learn about weddings and have our role play wedding on Monday 16th October.

By Leo and Sophie-Mae

Week 4

This week we wrote about Nat Fantastic.  In Arnhem's story, Nat helped a tiger with a poorly paw.  In Alfie's story, Nat went to London and removed a bomb that was tied to some train tracks.  How exciting!

We have drawn ourselves as superheroes and coloured them with watercolour crayons.  This week, we have learnt about Venn and Carroll diagrams, tally charts and graphs.  We made graphs of our favourite superheroes.  Who is your favourite?  Arnhem and Alfie both like Flash.

In PE we played bowling.  Arnhem felt good because he knocked 8 pins down!!!!!!

We think class 9 is friendly and cool.  We all have lots of friends.

By Arnhem and Alfie 


Today in PE we played bowling.  We had...


Team Strawberry       Super Team       Shannon's Team     and   Hulk Team


Team Strawberry scored a massive 29 points.

Super Team scored 16 points.

Shannon's Team scored 8 points.

Hulk Team scored 13 points.


The top scorers were:  Arnhem 8points, Ema 7 points, Cole 7 points, Serenity 6 points, Isla 6 points and Sophie-Mae 5 points.  BRILLIANT!


Well done everyone.  We all played fairly and had good fun.

Week 3

This week we had to find where different numbers went on blank number lines.  It was tricky!  We wrote our own version of Eliot Midnight Superhero.  Our heroes could ice skate in the North Pole, climb up through volcanoes and ride on an ostrich blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back!  Wow!  I think superhero day was amazing (Delilah).  I think it was fantastic (Ema).  Our carpet is all sparkly, so even that is super!!

Lots of love from Ema and Delilah

A brilliant day

We have had a brilliant day.  Thank you to all our parents and carers for their efforts with our costumes.  Don't we all look SUPER!

Superhero Day!

We've had a brilliant day today, being superheroes.  We made and decorated masks, made super cuffs and other accessories for our outfits.  We made secret hideouts from lego for the lego heroes to live in and made split pin dancing heroes too!  We wrote out our secret ID cards so we can keep our real identities secret.  What a happy mess our classroom was!

Times Tables

In year two, we need to be able to count on an back in steps of 2,3,5 and 10.  We are trying to learn our tables as they help us to be quicker when working mentally.  This is a really fun way of trying to learn and improve.  Have a go on hit the button...just click the link below. 


Class Council

Today we had a vote to choose our class councillor.  The nominees were Brooke, Zak, Sophie-Mae and Hubert.  After a tie, we voted again and Hubert was the winner.  Congratulations!

Week 2

This week we have learnt how to use the > more than and < less than symbols.  We made a crocodile out of lolly sticks and decorated it with sharp teeth.  We will make a display of them next week.  Shannon enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland show this week.  It was funny when the playing card character sat next to Mrs Greenlees.  We had to shout 'Alice' when something terrible happened.  Alexis didn't like it because it was too noisy.

By Shannon and Alexis

week 1

Our classroom looks lovely and tidy.  The superhero pictures look beautiful and colourful.  We have been doing adds and takeaways in maths.  We did some hard problems and it was fun.  Today we got our pearls and held them tight to put memories in.  We wrote cards with our hopes for the year.

Our class is a lovely, friendly place to be.

Love from Dominika and Serenity.


Today we have been writing questions about superheroes.  Can you do some research an find the answer to any of these questions...

Spider-Man - Where do you live?

Super man - How long did it take you to learn to fly?

Batman - How did you turn into Batman?

Batman - Do you go on holiday?

Harley Quinn - How many superheroes have you defeated?

Can you help us answer any of these questions?