Welcome to Key Stage One!

The classes are:

Class 4 Miss Carter and Mrs Mann

Class 5 Miss Bass and Mrs Ashton

Class 6 Miss Lancaster and Mrs Hicks

Class 7 Mrs Taylor and Mrs Arden

Class 8 Mrs Greenlees, Mrs Parton and Mrs Cook


At the end of our topic, ‘It was on a starry night’, we wanted to give the children the experience of looking at the stars to appreciate how big our universe is.  We were lucky that the clouds drifted long enough for us to see!  We enjoyed a torchlit walk too!!

Why don’t you keep looking at the stars and see what you can spot.


We have been celebrating the start of Advent, the days when we get ready for Christmas.  All the classes took part in an Advent Spiral, where we lit candles and thought about the journey Mary and Joseph made on the first Christmas day.  As our teachers lit the candles they said the special words, 'the light of Christ in glory shining, scatter the darkness from before your path'.  It was very spiritual.

Pyjamarama day

Today was such fun!  We came to school in our pyjamas and invited our parents in too.  We wanted to be super comfy when reading, just like when we have bedtime stories.  We did lots of fun activities all about our favourite books and their characters and of course, made plenty of time for us to choose and enjoy books.  We all agree that reading for pleasure is so important.  Can you spot yourself in your PJ's in the photographs?


Today we had a lovely time in Key Stage One, celebrating a wedding.  We have been learning about how Christians and Muslims celebrate, so we held a wedding with rings, speeches and cake!  How smart we all look!

Welcome Home!

Key Stage One are all enjoying being back at school.  We have been learning about the local area...and just look at our beautiful garden!  We have been naming plants and finding out which art of different plants we like to eat.


Can you remember the names of these plants?

Katie Morag

We have all been enjoying the stories of Katie Morag.  It's great as we can watch them too on the BBC iPlayer.


Click the picture of Katie Morag...