Basic Skills Quality Mark

Quality Mark


Basic skills 

We renewed our Basic Skills Quality Mark in 2018.  These were the targets:

  • Consider using an agenda and prepared written report when the literacy and numeracy leads meet with the respective governors each term.  The governors can then present the reports to the full governing body
  • Consider further developing the monthly newsletter or other methods used to provide information to parents, to include school priorities for the year/term and governor news
  • Consider extending the use of floor books as a means to further engage parents/carers in their child’s learning.
  • Consider how the school can further develop links with local childcare providers to promote the exchange of knowledge, skills and creative practice.

We achieved the award in 2015.  Our targets then were:

  • To have greater involvement of governors with subject leaders
  • To provide more training opportunities for governors in terms of English and maths
  • To develop more communication between governors and parents / carers in terms of the School Development Plan and achievement
  • To develop the use of the imagination library and the outdoors